This has been a Shit week fae day One on Sunday up to and includin’ noo. These legs are gettin’ tae me. Ah hate goin’ oot because they get really painful and even a wee walk is a Cunt. Ah get up, have a double dose of the Amatryptilene and the Prozac, wash it doon wi’ a Whisky Coffee and usually go back tae ma bed. Ah hate the Winter and ah don’t know if ah’ve got the will power tae stick it oot. Because ah get a wee overlap of Tablets fae Boots ah’m able,every Two months, tae put a wee stash away just in case. Ah’m off tae Hampden tomorrow for the Scotland Israel game and am lookin’ forward tae it. A wee win wid put us inĀ  guid place tae make the play offs. We get a run through and back which is great because it’s aw the effin aboot before ye get tae the game and aw the effin’ aboot after it’s finished that’s a pain in the erse.. Anyway, ah canny be bothered typin’ and ah’ off for a soak in the bath. More tomorrow.


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