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  1. Helen Mcoll says:

    Darling Colin, I was texting Chris yesterday and was told the shite news. Everyones a winner eh? When I had bowel cancer last year, my solice after the operation was not knowing I had it! I thought they were removing a polyp and not half of my intestine! I was going to make a complaint and get some yummy compensation, thinking the nhs had the wrong patient, then realised my brain had gone into denial mode! Your diaries are quite inspirational and funny as hell. Bravo! If you have the energy to visit Haddington, it would be awesome to see you again after so many years. As Chris would say, keep the mad flag flying. John sends his love. x

  2. Boabby Thomson says:

    As the only truly legitimate (although not in the marital sense, being from Pumphy) Boabby Thomson, I take great offence at the constant references to me on your web site and am currently considering litigation but may settle out of court. ( will settle for no less than a half and a half pint. Yours in umbrage (just ootsde Fauldhouse. Boabby Thomson.(no relation.0

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