The cancer Diaries – April 12,2017

  • 443 (2)  Well, it’s almost Two years since all my troubles with illness began and today seemed to be a nice wee turning point. I was at the Hospital today and Dr McNeil, the Haematologist, said I was looking very well and should be ready for a return to work around July. By F–k, it’s been a Journey- Blood Cancer,Spleen Cancer, a year of Chemo therapy, a month in Hospital for stem cell replacement coupled with a brutal last dose of Chemo and Two blood transfusions as well as the trauma of my skin turning Purple for a week.Throw into the mix, a Heart attack, Two stents, a stroke that I wasn’t aware of having, Laser eye surgery to help me see out my right eye, finding out that my blood circulation through my body in general is about 60% of what it should be and the circulation to my Brain is at 50% on account of Two of the Four arteries which supply it with blood are totally blocked – oh, and a double fracture of the ankle and leg. That completes the story which has been my life over the last Two years. I’m still here, though.While I was waiting foŕ my Bus home from Hospital today there was a probably early teenaged girl with obvious learning disabilities with her mum. They were testing each other with the names of young animals and groups of animals and the girl seemed to greet every one she hadn’t known before with a joy and enthusiasm which made me ashamed. I always feel upset when I see these people – there but for a cruel turn of mother natures hand, they could’ve had a life like ours .I hope she has as happy and contented a life as she can.