The cancer Diaries – 26.11.16

It’s now late November, Fifteen months after being diagnosed with the blood cancer and although I feel a bit stronger than I did this time last year I feel as if I’ve not really come forward all that much. My hair still has the Boo Radleigh look and my skin is dry to the point of feeling like it’s on fire. I could say I’ve got a cold sore on my face but it would be more accurate to say I’ve got a face on my cold sore. I’ve been in my bed mostly over the last Fortnight – there’s no effort in going to my bed- everything else seems to be a huge effort. Getting up, having a bath, changing, taking my tablets, making something to eat, answering the phone – I just want to escape into sleep world and not have to think about how abject things are at the moment. Pumphy Juniors are playing well , though. I’ve got a draught excluder at the living room door in the shape of a snake and it’s Yellow and Black- the Pumphy colours.

The stem cell Diaries -Nov 12

It’s been about a Month since I came out of the Festern General and I feel a lot better than I did when I was there – apart from the itching. From the crown of my head to the soles of my feet it’s just a constant scratching – in bed or in the bath. Sometimes I scratch so vigorously that I have to stop myself in case I have another Heart attack – it’s a pain in the arse. My tablets are just bewildering – I don’t know if I’m taking what I should be or not taking what I should be. Davy put some of the anti itchy cream on my back on Thursday and it felt great and I told him it felt great but it would feel better if it was Judith the weather woman.