Here we go- maybe’s.

So, tonight could be the night when Scotland qualify for a major tournament ( abroad) for the first time this Century – if Spain Dinny lose tae Norway in Oslo. Ah hope tae be in Germany next June( health permittin’) tae cheer Scotland on- big C has already got the accommodation sorted and ah think Four ‘ Sons of Bobby Thomson’ are gaun- at present. Craig P wid make it Five if he can make it. Ah think next June, in Deutschland, will see unprecedented numbers of Scot’s fans – France 98 was the last clan gatherin’ abroad- ah was there and ah still have magical, fond, glowin’ memories of ‘The Jolly Boys’ Outing in Bordeaux- no’ tae be confused wi’ the Jolly Boys’ ‘Outing’ on oor first night in Bordooks.  Davy B had T-shirts made for Hamo and Stevie and I, and they were great.  They had The Jolly Boys’ Outing, France 98, wi’ Bordeaux, Livi, Pumphy and Hawick printed on them, in reference tae Bordeaux ( where we were headed), Livi( where big Stevie, The Bruce) stayed, Pumphy ( where Hamo lived) and Hawick( where ah was at the time). We went oot on the first night wi’ oor Jolly Boys’ Outing T- Shirts along the Rue de Catherine( ah think) on the way tae the Bodegon Bar. It’s a really long Rue( sorry, for showin’ off wi’ the French, there- canny help it) and it was bustlin’ and really busy wi’ revellers and shoppers and people who ah thought were laughin’ at oor T- Shirts. Hamo and Stevie thought ah was bein’ paranoid until we came tae a wee stall wi’ a guy in a pink wig and a dress on( obviously Homosexual, but we liked him)who pointed at oor T-shirts then pointed at himself- Ye’ve never, in the history of takin’ T Shirts off, seen Three T-shirts come off as quick. Luckily it was a warm night. Anyway, Germany next year- if ma visit tae the Haemotologist goes well and ma CT scan result comes back fine ah’m havin’ a go at stoppin’ the Fags and the drink. Ah’ve had so many lucky escapes Healthwise that ah’ve become blase about if- what a fanny. It’s almost Eight years since ma Cancer and Heart attack and ah’ve smoked for the last Seven and a half and fae hardly ever havin’ drink in the hoose tae hardly ever no’ havin’ it in the hoose. Hey-ho. C’mon Spain.

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