The weather’s been great this summer – heat waves in Portugal, Spain, France- here. Rivers and reservoirs dryin’ up, forest fires- it’s aw quite scary when ye put it aw together but if ah keep gettin’ summer tans like the One ah’ve got the noo, keep global warmin’ comin’. The tail end of March was Mediterranean in Pumphy- proper get in there warm weather. Ah thought if it was like that here, how hot was Bordooks gaun tae be?. No’ very, was the answer tae that. Of ma many visits tae Bordooks the last was the least enjoyable. Ah was effed wi’ walkin’. The walk tae the L’Escure was brutal- if ah had a gun ah wid’ve shot masel. Ah enjoyed the Rugby, though, between Bordeaux and La Rochelle- hadny a clue what was gaun on but there was a great atmosphere( as always) in the auld stadium. Nae big Jessie’s in that sport, unlike the beautiful game (Fitba’) which has turned intae the Portrait of Dorian Gray( mare later on that). Rugby’s tough and if they go doon it’s because it’s sair or they’re deid. Watchin’ grown men on a Fitba’ pitch droppin’ like a fly and rollin’ aboot the pitch is embarrassing. .. Aye, so Bordooks was a bit sair on the legs, but still great. Sing at the Bing was guid- the crowd and the company and the weather, at least- ah canny remember any of the music because ah was too busy bletherin’. If Four Broons are gathered in One place there will be bletherin’. Ah went tae the Fringe at the Bing(at the Pumphy Bowlyseum) and recited Tam the Wanker, tae great laughter and applause, which was awfy nice. …………                                                       Health wise, ah’ve no’ had many problems – ah get wee aches and pains all over but ah’m glad tae be alive.