Ah’ve no’ been on the site for a while- mainly because ah’ve been sleepin’ alot. It’s become ma wee comfort zone along wi’ the Bob Hope- stoned when ah’m awake or sleepin’- that’s about it. For the last Three or Four months ah’ve felt like Shite- strugglin’ tae walk more than a few yards withoot stoppin’, sare legs, sare feet, jumpin’ oot ma skin every time ah get a chest or arm pain- it’s nae life and ah’d be better off deid. Ah joke wi’ the Doctors, sayin’ that if ah was a Dug ah’d be put doon oot of kindness. Ah’ve tae go intae St Jocks for a CT scan next month ( chest, stomach and pelvis) and ah’ve got a feelin’ that ma next hospital visit or stay will be ma last. Ah hate ma immobillity – a prisoner in ma ain hoose – it’s a pisser. Be