Ma wee Cat visitor/lodger continues tae spend quite a bit of time on the Good Ship Scudley Dudley – eats like a Fuckin’ Horse- loves roast beef and biled ham- and raw bacon. Ah’ll have tae stop feedin’ it the Dreamies- ah’m spendin’ mare money on them than ah ah’m on ma ain food. On the subject of food- Kate Windsor is thinner than Karen Carpenter( and she’s deid). She was on the news for some reason (Kate, no’ Karen-because she’s deid).- she’s maybe found oot that some of her in laws were related tae Nazi’s durin’ WW2- anyway, she badly needs a steak bake and few Bounty’s- ye want tae see her, she could be an extra in a holocaust film. Speakin’ of which- what aboot the chosen race flattenin’ Gaza ?. Who’d want tae choose what they’re choosin’ tae dae in Palestine ?. The world’s just sittin’ back watchin’ the Israeli’s commit the same kindy carnage as their own parents and grandparents were subjected tae fae 1933 tae 1945- it’s mad, mental. Ah watch Gaza every day on the news- and Fuck knows what’s happenin’ in Ukraine( and Russia)- and ah just hope we’re no’ aw dragged intae a war before the Euro’s in Deutschland next Jahre. One Hundred and Ninety Four shoppin’ days till the Boabby Thomson Tartan Army head off on the high seas( Newcastle tae Amsterdam) tae Dusseldorf for a week of Fitba’ – a ticket for a Scotland game wid be ideal, but ah’ll be happy tae savour the atmosphere of a Scottish fan zone. Bordeaux in 1998 was unforgettable and ah think next year in Germany could turn out tae be quite memorable for the Scotland fans. Ah’m stoppin’ here- it’s just after 5am and ah feel quite chilled- ah feel a joint and Watermelon in Easter Hay comin’ on before ah hit ma scratcher.

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