Had a great wee break in Ullapool-  great weather,nice people- great Whisky. Ah got a wee taste for the Whisky in Ullapool- and ah’ve had a wee tipple every day this week and drank a half bottle since ah got home yesterday at Six pm. Ah’ve opened another bottle that’ll probably die tonight at some point because ah’ve got the taste for it noo and it’s ‘ in me’. Big C says that he laughs at me wi’ the Whisky because ah start off savourin’ a nip and by the Fourth or Fifth One ah’m practically knockin’ them back in a slug. On Monday night in Ullapool- ah was sick after drinkin’ an awfy thing that a rather stunnin’ young Lassie bought me- she walked by Dunc, Big C and I and asked if ah wanted a ‘Shot’- she had a face mask on and sounded a bit muffled because of it, and ah had tae ask her tae repeat what she said. So, daft auld Cunt’s no’ in the mood tae refuse a young Woman’s offer of a drink. She told me tae knock it back in a One- er, and ah did and immediately felt sick and had tae vacate the premises tae find a Wa’ tae be sick behind. It was One of those sickly sweet fragments of an Abortion fae some hideous incest between Alcohol, Sugar and who knows. After bein’ sick ah felt fine and stuck tae the Balvennie Doublewood. On the Tuesday we had a quiet day drink wise and had a guid wee drink on oor last night. Ah got invited up tae Elgin for ‘a party, a Shacky up  and mare’, in Elgin, ‘ anytime.  The scenery was stunnin’ up there. Assynt, Loch Broom, Loch Maree, Torridon- just about too stunnin’ for words. It could’ny have been short of Eight Hundred Miles, the amount of Miles we travelled. It was over all too soon and back tae Livi was Shite, hey ho.

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  1. Jim Wilson says:

    Hi, glad you had a good time I checked the site out and hopefully got rid of your spam problem.…

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