Ah’ll find oot tomorrow at the Infirmary if they can help oot wi’ ma sare legs- hopefully they can stick somethin’ in me that can widen the Arteries, otherwise ah’m effed. Ah’ve had the Black Dug as a companion for the last Two or Three weeks. Ah’m jovial and upbeat enough in company but when it’s just me ah just get depressed and almost Catatonic. When ah wake up first thing, ah’m like a Zombie for aboot half an Hour and by the time ah ‘un Zombie’ it’s time for ma Prozac and a Joint. The plan is tae cook the Bob Hope and use it as Tea- it’s got a nice taste and topped up Twice a day wi’ a wee nip makes for a nice Beverage. Like me, Chrissie B is a loose Cannon wi’ the drink. Ah thought ah’d throw that in because she got a bit worried that ah widny go tae the Infirmary in Edinburgh for ma appointment wi’ the Vascular people. If they can help, that’ll be me off the Joints. Ah wid look at it like bein’ a mistake away fae a Red Card at the Fitba’ if they could help me- and ah widny get booked again and wid hang up ma boots before bein’ substituted. Anyway, that’s for tomorrow. Debbie’s comin’ up for a wee catch up on Friday- ah’ll have tae get ma erse intae gear for her comin’ up regardin’ the tidyin’ up. There was a bit of upheaval and disruption wi’ the Boilers and Radiators gettin’ installed, but ah’ll have it looking OK for her and Rebekah comin’ up.  So, that’s the week aboot sorted- on Monday the Cancer Bus is off tae Ullapool for Three nights and ah’m lookin’ forward tae takin’ in aw the beautiful scenery we’ll be a part of on the way up and doon. Ah’m hoping tae take a few Photy’s, drink a few half’s and have a guid laugh.

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