Sad Scotland

I watched the match last night and it was heartbreaking stuff.The first thing that struck me was the state of the Serbian pitch -ah thought it was a disgrace to International Fitba’.We’ve got Hampden which is probably one of the most famous grounds in the world and its a glorious and wonderful place to be when its full, but ah canny help thinking that Hampden and Scotland is like having a beautiful dinner service with no food to go with it .Ah’m no’ keen on slaggin’ Scotland off but that was Shite. We canny string one pass together,let alone Two and there’s nae imagination,nae skill`F-All. ¬†What ah’d like to know is,what are Serbia doing that we’re no’ doin’ -Why are Montenegro,croatia,Wherethefucksthatistan and some country that’s just Three days auld wi’ a population of seven better than us. If we continue like this,in a generation,we’ll be playing oor world cup qualifiers at Recreation Park Pumpherston.Which,when ye think aboot it,isny a bad thing-they do a guid warm pie.Ah couldny say if the pies are meant to be hot-but who cares,they’re guid. There has to be a massive overhaul of scottish football from school level all the way up.The Dutch did it in the 60’s after they embarrassingly lost to Luxembourg in a European championship qualifier.Around Ten years later,the first ‘Golden generation’ of of Dutch footballers had reached a world cup final and played in,and won,Four successive European cup finals.Despite a wee blip in the mid Eighties The Netherlands have consistently produced ‘Golden generations’ and ah sometimes think to myself why don’t we look closely at how they do it.

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