Tales fae the good ship Scud.

The train journey on the Northern Belle was great- the fab Four( the Broons) had a great time, thanks tae Davy’s generosity. In Monopoly ye get the chance/ Community chest cards wi’ Your annuity has matured or ye’ve won money- ah think Davy gets aboot Three o’ them a week. Davy’s always guid- wi’ money- ah’m fuckin’ Shite. Anyway, the train tae Arrochar and Bus journey tae Inveraray castle for a wee walkaboot was great. Ah wish ah could remember what ah had tae eat but ah’ve been wasted on the Valium aw week. Ah’ll have tae give them up- on top of the Amitriptyline and Prozac and the Bob Hope, they’re a bit much. Ah’ve had the Black Dug aw week and done alot of sleepin’ and very little eatin’. Walkin’ has become an ordeal and ah’m thinkin’ if ye canny walk what the fuck can ye dae?. Ah put the grill on tae light a joint and smoked it,then went tae ma bed for a wee nap. The wee nap ended up bein’ Six oors- and ah’d left the grill on- and the kitchen was like the Equator. Dodged a bullet wi’ that One and could’ve ended up toasted. Ma cough isny shiftin’ and ah just feel lethargic aw the time. Ah find that when ah’m in company ah’m fine and upbeat – fuck it -ah’m gettin’ depressed just writin’ this. Hopefully the next entry will be a bit more light-hearted.

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