The Jinky Diaries – 2,4,16

While looking through my Family History the other day I noticed that on my mothers side, her father Bill Jenkinson, who was known, for short, as Grandad Jenky, was a direct descendant of the famous Gambian slave, Kunta Jinke, whose father was Wullie Jenkinson, a sailor on the high seas who had a laison with a Gambian woman – the resulting offspring was the famous Kunta Jinke. He famously escaped from his slave ship bound for the West Indies and swam through miles of Shark infested waters back to the Gambia where he started up their First ever Bookies and Pie shop. This was in the early 19th Century at the same time as his father, Wullie, was making Leith his home port. My ‘Granda Jenky’ was a direct descendant of ‘Gambian Wullie’.

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  1. boabby Thomson says:

    Not everyone knows, but this was the same Kunta Jinke who later went on to write a best seller based on his Scottish heritage – “Hoots.” Boabby Thomson (no relation.)

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