Down memory lane

Ah got the shock of ma life a couple of weeks back when ah walked up to pumphy and noticed that the primary school and Institute hall had been demolished.A Quarter of my pre teen life was spent in that school-Harpo and I climbed in through the roof when we were were about Ten or Eleven and painted the windies of the Headmasters study but had the manners to leave Two wee spy holes so he could look through in the morning.We continued our painting spree on the school walls where we compromised oor anonymity slightly by writing ‘SCUD WAS HERE and HARPO WAS HERE’ in foot high letters.Strangely enough we never got into trouble for that,which was a nice wee change from getting into trouble for everything else- Which ranged from Goodfellas style raids on the Spar warehouse to setting fire to the detergent works.The only trouble we got into was from my mother who berated us for not writing SCUD and Harpo were here.1886-that’s when the school was built,Two years before the infamous Jock the nipper murders in the village.Six women were horribly mutilated from the knees down which led the police to believe they had a maniacal child on the loose.The killer also left a glove with the initials S,G,S,Y.C on each of the fingers.More on this later.

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