A new Dawn-25 Jan 2017

I can honestly say that I’ve finished the darkest chapter,so far, at least, of my own personal story and can see some light at the end of the tunnel. It’s been a hoor of a tunnel to get through, mind you,- Sixteen Months of having bits cut out of me, a year of Chemo therapy, Three separate bouts of cancer, tumours in my spleen, a Heart attack, Two stents, turning purple for a week, a stem cell transplant and the minor irritation of a double fracture to my leg and ankle- oh, not forgetting the precarious state of the arteries supplying blood to my brain, in particular and my whole body,in general- I can’t help thinking that things can only get better. I’m in remission, my hair is growing back and the desperate itch from head to toe that drove me up the wall for almost Four months has gone.Onwards and upwards.

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