Coming in at no5 is the 2016 Scottish Cup Final when Hibs beat the team from Mordor 3-2 with a last minute winner.That’s a stick on- even if it had been a Pishy 0-0 penalty win where the team who’s name it is only prudent and proper to omit should’ve won 8-0. Paty would’ve come back fae the deid and haunted me if ah hadn’t included it. At no 4 ah’ve got Leeds 7-0 Southampton. Ah’m taking that One,even if it was just highlights . What a Team that was. Third place goes to the Euro 84 Semi Final between France and Portugal. France won 3-2 in a match that has gone down in Euro history. The runner up place goes to a match which,for me,should be the no 1 but you’ll understand why it’s not when you see the no 1. France 3-3 West Germany. This match had everything- drama, excitement ,controversy ,great goals and,, at the end, Heartbreak. My no 1 Fitba’ match of all time – Brazil 4-1 Italy, the 1970 World Cup Final. Ah was only Seven at the time but ah know that ah wid’ve been glued to the Telly. Ah also know that our First kick about after the Final probably involved a disagreement between Davy and I over who was going to be Tostao or Gerson. Ah wid’ve won because back then Davy was a peace lovin individual and ah was an argumentative, crabbit wee C–t- nothings changed.
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