David Bowie’s death -12,1,16

It’s always sad when someone dies – and David Bowie was no different. What I did find a bit mad, though, was the amount of news coverage his death was given. To me, the bottom line seemed to be that he led the way for men to wear make up and not get a hard time over it. The news reports cited the people he’d influenced- Kiss, Gary Numan, Duran Duran, Midge Ure and I thought, ‘wow -that’s a who’s who of musical giants’. When all is said and done he was just a singer. He never eradicated world poverty or discovered a cure for cancer. Two months ago a team of Doctors and Para medics saved my life – they probably did the same for someone else the night before and the following night and will continue to do so and stay off the Radar while they’re doing it. As for the Lady Di syndrome where there is this outpouring of grief for a non relative – I will never understand what that is all about. I suspect that it’s people who have had a mental block when it comes to real grief and use a celebrity as a substitute.339 (3)

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