The cancer Diaries – 6,1,16

122After today I only have Two more rounds of chemo therapy left and, hopefully, that will be that. I will need a scan in February to determine whether or not I’ll need more chemo but with a bit of luck I should be cancer free and ready to get back to ‘normal’. Normality means my hair growing back in, being strong enough and fit enough to go for a decent walk or cycle, and to ‘get busy living’. 2016 will hopefully see a continuation of me not smoking – big Callum told me last week that the First Eight years are the worst and I’ve now gone Eleven weeks without a roll up, fag or joint. I’ve not achieved much in my life but I consider stopping smoking a huge thing and it is mind over matter. I miss rolling and smoking a Rastafarian old Holburn, though, but I can still have a Rastafarian cup of tea. The plan is to give that up soon. I’d love to be in Paris for the Euro 16 Football tournament with Davy B, Thirty Two years after we were there for Euro 84. I’ve still got my ticket for the opening match of that tournament and smoking the Bob Hope wont get me there- or Bordeaux. Well, that’s me until the next time- I’m off to listen to some Melanie and Nolwenn Leroy.

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  1. Boabby Thomson says:

    Shite about the chemo but needs must. Me and Boabby Thomson (no relation) will probably come by one day next week if you’re up for it. Although, there is a friends of Boabby Thomson convention being held next week – location secret but I suspect its in the scout hut. Maybe me and Boabby will give it a miss this year. (no relation.)

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