Easter -29,3,16

Easter and Christmas mean nothing to me in their Christian sense other than them being a time when the Telly is better than the rest of the year. I remember having arguments with auld Scud about religion – he’d say we’d been brought up as Protestants and I’d get angry and say that ‘how can I be a Christian/Protestant when I have nothing but contempt and disdain for not only Christianity but all religions’. I find the whole Idea of a supreme creator who sent his only son to Earth to die and rise again up to the Kingdom of Heaven, at best laughable and at worse insulting. Auld Bunty was right, the Bible was written by Middle eastern people, about middle Eastern people, for middle Eastern people. Then auld Scud would come out with ‘it’s got bugger all tae dae wi’ God or Jesus’ and when I said ‘it’s got everything tae dae wi God and Jesus, he’d accuse me of being ‘thrawn and awkward, just like yer mother’. Then we’d end up shouting and swearing at each other – that’s F–kin’ religion for ye. If we have to worship something, let it be the Sun or the Moon or the Rivers or Seas or the seasons of the year [ apart from Winter because who wants to celebrate the cauld ?] Let it be real, at least.

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