Fitba- Bloody Hell.

There’s nothin’ quite like bein’ a Scotland fan. Ah listened tae Eighty Seven minutes of abject misery and was then treated tae Two minutes of unexpected joy that ah didny see comin’. Ah promised Doctor Johnstone that ah’d stop smokin’ if Scotland won and ah’m buyin’ a vape and eating hash cakes fae the morn. Ah was walkin’ aboot wi’ a big smile on ma face for aboot Twenty minutes after the game and ah replayed the mad Two minutes of goals a few times. At the moment Scotland are one mountain ridge and Ten more minutes fae Switzerland tae put it intae Great Escape terms- ah hope that oor engine, unlike Henley and Colin the forgers in the film, doesn’t fail. Tae this day, after over Fifty years of watchin’ that film, the moment the engine fails is a ‘Bastard’ moment- up there wi’ Paul Gascoigne’s goal against us at Wembley( C–t). So, that’s the plan- Healthy for Hamburg, or wherever in Deutschland next June. Ah’ve been worried aboot ma health for a few weeks- ma “If that isny Cancer ah’ll be awfy surprised” cough has been a constant companion for weeks and walkin’ even short distances has been a Cunt. Still, weather like the kind we’ve been havin’ lately is wonderful medicine. The smells and colours of summer are a heady mix that ah love and appreciate more the aulder ah get. Ah remember the day after ah was told that ah had Cancer and a Fifty Fifty chance of survivin’ it- it was a glorious August day and ah wondered how many more ah’d see, if any. Ah vowed then that ah wid worship every sunny day ah’d ever see again. It’s a promise ah’ve kept – so far.

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