The Scudley Dudley Diaries.

Scrappy Doo was an annoyin’ wee Cunt- ah was watchin’ a daft thing on the You Tube aboot characters who were introduced tae a TV series and Buggered it up. He wasted Scooby Doo and made it instantly forgettable, in an instant( so, there.)….. Pumphy got beat again but we’re no’ bottom of the league- the Sons of the Glorious Revolution( Harthill Royal) are the basement battlers this year so, that’s a bonus. Hibs drew wi’ Dundee United and Cove and Kelty both drew…… Ah’ll have tae work oot how tae start a new paragraph on this thing. Ah’ve still got the New year hangover and ah’ve been sittin’ in ma jammy’s for a fortnight. Ah’ve been oot Three times since the First of January. Ah hate the new year- ah hate the build up tae it ah hate the countdown tae it. Ah think it’s because ye reflect alot at new year- on people who aren’y here and people who ye wish we’re here and aw the mistakes ye’ve made in the past and the mistakes ye’ll make next year- that’s what the new year means for me. It’s just a Shite world at the moment- energy bills, food prices, strikes, Nazis in government, a war in Europe, global warmin’. Aw that gender Pish, tae- what a carry on. When ah was at School ye had Two lines for the dinner hall- ah shudder tae think how many they need these days. …….. New paragraph- So, Jim W sorted oot the website for me- there were quite alot of changes tae the look of it. Ah’m gaunny devote mare time tae the website and less time tae the Pusbook- just get’s me intae trouble. Jeff Beck died and ah had a wee Spotify night of ma favourite songs of his. Ah love People get ready and Nadia. He was Seventy Eight. Ah’m stoppin’ here for dinner- ah’ll be back.

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