Ah saw Fanny by Gaslight last night- ah’d never seen it before and it was the last thing ah expected tae see while ah was walkin’ through the Pumphy Wids on the path tae Craigshill at Two in the mornin’, but that’s another story.  Ah’m gettin’ quite excited aboot ma move. Ah should be in by next Saturday, sittin’ wi’ a wee Uigeadail, listenin’ tae Santana. Ah had a spare room that ah didny need full of stuff ah didny need- so the move will be a wee opporchancity tae make a fresh start and no’ be a Tit. Ah’ll Fuck up, though, ah know ah will. Everything will be new- Cooker, Washing Machine, Fridge, Freezer, Carpets, and that’ll be a first for me. Julie’s been at me for ages tae move but ah’m like a Giant Sloth wi’ a Chicken’s brain and ah’ve dillied and dallied- so a huge thanks tae Julie D for gettin’ it all organized. Ah was told that, fae ma new place, then west along the Cawburn road until ye get on tae Uphaw Station road, then along that until ah get on tae Drumshoreland road, past the COOP and back doon tae ma bit, is a mile- so that’s the target every day, at least. It’s mad that ah’ve ended up livin’ on top of what was the ‘Pratt’s Tip’ and near tae the legendary ‘Hairy Tip,’ where ah spent sae many wonderful days as a wee boy, climbin’ mountains and hidin’ fae Germans and Japanese gentlemen wi’ guns( oor PC obsessed climate does not permit me tae call them what ma pals called them in the early Seventies), buildin’ dams and underground trenches, crawlin’ through the undergrowth and have rabbits jump oot in front of ye, whackin’ away at bushes and plants wi’a guid stick that ye ended up takin’ hame because it was that guid. Just a few yards fae ma front door is the auld mine where ma Granny’s sister’s husband used to begin his underground walk tae start his shift at the Dean’s mine. Fae ma flat it’s only a couple of Hundred fae the spot where ma brother, Andrew, died in 1959. Ah used tae climb the trees in the wee bit of Wids that are left down by the Cawburn road a few yards fae the flat. ……. More tomorrow – One of these days ah’ll get tae Five Hundred words.


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