Fuck sake, what a week that was. Monday(25th) was the Sixth anniversary of ma near fatal Heart Attack, so a celebrated wi’ big Callum, a bottle of Old Pulteney and half a bottle of Tamnavulin. Ah remember spillin’ half a bag of Sugar and half a jar of Coffee on the floor, so it was probably a good night. Ah’ve been sent tae Coventry wi’ Linda and Andrew for a couple of Pus book posts ah put up. Ma post aboot the Tory MP gettin’ stabbed was way over the top and ah regret puttin’ it up on Facebook. It was Ned-ish and out of order and ah’m sorry ah posted it. It caused a wee stir among ma family, tae say the least, and ah wish ah’d watched Camilla Creampie on the Tablet instead. Ah stand by ma questioning of Walter Smith’s legendary status, though. Anyway, it’s been a Shitey week and ah’ve slept through most of it- the Vietnam War documentary was great and ah thoroughly enjoyed it. Ah missed the episode that covered the Mai Lai massacre, so ah watched a You Tube thing aboot it. There was another massacre on the same day where almost a Hundred innocents were slaughtered- and that was aboot Two miles fae Mai Lai. Ah was thinkin’ aboot Tories and royalty and aw that landed Gentry- a Thoosand years the chinless inbred Cunt’s have controlled anything that’s controllable. Parliament, Law, employment, everything, and ye still get those Tits who’ll wave their wee Union Jacks and tell ye that we need the House of Lords- Fuck off. The same people who go on aboot Winston Churchill and how he won the war. The Americans and Russians won the war- we were gettin’ shat on untill they came on tae the scene- if they hadny, we’d aw be Goose-stepping up tae the Sausage shop whistlin’ Lilly effin’ Marlene. Time for somethin’ tae eat- ah’ll get back tae bein’ a crabbit Cunt.

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