The big Yelly Van.

Ah had a great day today wi’ the Broons- a full hoose- it’s no often the Four of us get together so it was brilliant. Nick and big Di were here, too, and we aw had a great laugh. It got me thinkin’, when they’d headed back doon tae Hawick, aboot growin’ up in Pumphy in the late Sixties and early Seventies. There seemed tae be a weird amount of Brothers and Sisters who still lived together into their Sixties- there were Five families in Harrysmuir North, alone. Maybe Harrysmuir North was seen as ‘possible incest St’- ah don’t know. In those Five families there were Fifteen Brothers and Sisters and One mother who was a cantankerous auld Cunt who tried tae spoil oor fun at every chance she got. Anyway, the big Yelly Dafty Bus wid come in tae Pumphy Once a week tae take the Lunatics off the grass and away tae the special school at Oakbank( ah think) a couple of miles away. They should’ve spent Three or Four Hours at the special school but the Bus picked so many people up at Pumphy that ah think they got Twenty minutes playin’ wi’ Crayons and swappin’ bogies. When the Bus first arrived in Pumphy there was the driver and Popeye the Sailor man behind him, wavin’ at everythin’ and awthing- by the time the Bus left Pumphy it looked like One of those over crowded trains in India- folk hangin’ fae the roof , on the wing mirrors, the bumpers- mental.

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