Sing at the Bing – 29,5,16

The Pumphy Music festival, or Bingstock, was a great success but was marred by the death of a well liked Pumphy man, Eric Clark. I remember Eric fixing my Dad’s old Austin Cambridge, Morris Oxford and old Wolsley – you only see these old cars on ‘Time Team’, now, dug up in a Romano – British settlement. I was so sorry to hear about Eric, but knowing him as I did, the last thing he probably did was tell a joke and leave whoever he’d just told it to with a smile on his or herĀ face. The actual event went well and the combination of Live Music and friendly familiar faces made for a great day. The Cawburn was bouncing, too, although I’ll not be back as the Orangina’s complained about ‘Sunshine on Leith’ getting played on the Karaoke and it was stopped. I felt awfy all day and was sick at night. I’ve not felt great since chemo last week and there’s more tomorrow and a cancer jag on Tuesday – another PET scan next Tuesday and a possible spleen Biopsy after thatĀ and, hopefully France with Davy B. F–k Cancer and the Rangers.

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  1. christine brown says:

    Hey Colin, hope you’re feeling a bit better now. Bingstock was great, so good to see many familiar faces. What a miserable bunch of f*****s were serving behind that pub bar on Saturday night, really quite unpleasant and hostile – don’t think I will ever go back to the Cawburn either. Keep the mad flag flying Chris x

  2. Boabby Thomson says:

    Boabby Thomson is happy to announce the resumption of the Boabby Thomson Cancer bus service. Service will re-commence on Wednesday the 8th June, at a time, as yet, to be determined. But seats are going quickly, so early booking is advised. Apologies to our regular customers for the cancellation of last weeks service. This was due to an ill advised attempt to expand the business by establishing two new services. The first of which was the Boabby Thomson Dementia bus service which was fully booked but no one turned up. The second was the Boabby Thomson Newco supporters bus. This was a dismal failure on three fronts. 1) Apparently, followers of this team cling to the delusion that they are actually called glasgow rangers not Newco. 2) The Colour of the bus seemed to offend them. 3) They would not travel in a vehicle where the number of seats exceeded their cumulative brain cells and apparently they like to walk. Please contact our booking department ASAP.

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