The cancer Diaries -17,6,16

It looks like another year of chemo at the Festerin’ General after the cancer has now reared its ugly heid in my Spleen. What will happen regarding the stem cell treatment is beyond me at the moment. I think this new chemo will, hopefully, keep me alive so that I can get the stem cell treatment but if I can live through the Sweden Italy game that I watched on Telly today I can live through anything. I was gutted about not being able to go with Davy to France for the Euros. We would’ve been at the Croatia v Turkey match in Paris – Thirty Two years to the day since we were there for the 1984 opening match. It turned out that I could’ve gone with Dave after all – the match was on the Sunday and I had chemo on the Monday and the chemo was cancelled on account of there being new cancer in my spleen. The Boabby Thomson cancer bus has been a great lift – beautiful scenery in the summer time is good medicine.

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