Spartacus and the fatal decision

Pumpherston Fitba writer Huge Mucklefanny has uncovered evidence that proves Spartacus lost the battle of Brindisium to Laurence Olivier on account of a fatal tactical decision. Up until then Spartacus and his stunt double, Kirk Douglas-who’s no’ deid yet- had been winning battle after battle sticking to a Four Two Four formation and using his tricky wingers to terrorise the flanks. However, against Olivier he changed to a Four Four Two and this confused his army and rendered his tricky wingers ineffective and so the slave revolt led by Spartacus was crushed. It was a sad day but at least the lucky Bastard got to shag Jean Simmons.

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  1. jim Wilson says:

    That kinda describes the Hibs Hearts game this weekend, Robbie Nelsons tactical change and experimenting for the return to the big league, thus giving wee sparticus a opportunity to win the battle.
    Though the war was over long ago it will keep wee sparticus warm through the dark years ahead

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