Tales from Amitriptyland

Ah watched the First fight between Roberto Duran and Sugar Ray Leonard the other night on the You tube. What a fight that was. No doubt in a couple of Hundred Years when Boxing’s been banned for being cruel and the powers that be can wipe oot Ten Million people at the flick of a switch, they’ll be thinkin’, that looks awfy. But it’s here and noo and ah want tae say that that fight wisny cruel, the loser might say the result was, but the fight itself was a Fifteen round education in the Art of Boxing. If the rules of the time stated that both fighters had to keep going until the other one couldn’t, they’d still be fighting now. Their Grand kids wid be pleading wi’ them to call it a draw. It certainly wisny cruel. There was nae blood, nae sickening punch, nae knock oots, nae worrying about somebody’s well bein’. It was Two men steppin’ into a ring, wanting tae knock Fuck oot each other, and however bizarre and strange that is, they did it in such a way that made it look like a Masterpiece that Da Vinci wid’ve been proud of. That fight, and the brutal, brief and spectacular Hagler v Hearns fight should be used in Boxing Schools as coaching manuals. The greatest fight that never was, for me, the Hagler and Leonard that should’ve happened Three or Four years before they finally met. What a much anticipated fight that wid’ve been at the time.

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