The Cancer Bus Diaries.

It was a guid wee Day, we had the Weekly Cancer Bus team brief. It was just the kind of Day ah needed before Tomorrows trip into the unknown. We covered a wide range of subjects and Dunc covered a wide range of Bass Guitars. If ye want tae ken aboot Bass Guitars, Duncs yer man. If ye dinny want tae ken aboot Bass Guitars, ye’ve got tae pin him doon [ like the American Polis did wi’ Pink Floyd and let him go before he passes oot,   obviously, it’s Pumphy and no’ that  USA]. Ah asked the Fitba’ question -‘which World cup match produced Eleven goals, Eight of which were scored by Two players ?. That, in turn, got us onto the 300 Spartans – respect for the less fortunate among us will not allow me to continue with this story. It was a good laugh, though and the Film has probably taken on an entirely new slant, for the Bus crew.Like ah said,in an earlier post,  ‘what’s said at Shite club, stays at Shite club’.  As usual, ah’ve got the Spotify on and ah’ve got the Cher song, Believe playing at this moment. Ye canny deny, it’s catchy. …………  . Aye, the Morn, ah’m off for the scan thing and ah canny help feelin’ a wee sense of foreboding. Don’t know why. As soon as ah opened the letter and saw Royal Infirmary, ah thought, ‘oh aye’ and, honestly, got a wee chill or shiver, or whatever it was, that ran through me. Maybe ah was thinkin aboot Paty, and how quickly he became Ill and how suddenly he died. To be honest, it’ll take a long time for it tae sink in aboot Paty. A h’m happy tae think, for now, ‘OK, he’s busy and we’ll meet up soon’. Ah know that’s no’ the case, but thinkin’ like that helps me deal wi a thing that ah still find really difficult tae get over. No’ in a greety big Jessie way, ye understand,  more like a FFS, Paty’s deid, Hroom, Hroom, let’s talk aboot the Fitba’ type way. We always got a laugh wi’ that one. Ah borrowed the Hroom,Hroom, fae a well known character in a Fantasy type novel, who looked like a Tree. Anyway, the let’s talk aboot the Fitba’ thing started wi a woman fae ma past. We were watching ‘Shadowlands’ and ah said before the film started that she’d probably need Two or Three hankies at certain scenes in the film, and ye canny deny it’s a tear jerker. It’s like ET, no’ the plot, obviously [ for the benefit of Mr Asberger ], but, in the fact that if ye’ve no’ got a tear or Four in yer Eye or a Fuck off lump in yer throat like a Tumour at the point where the wee felly jumps up sayin’ ET phone home’, well, yer no’ Human and probably an awfy C–t. Shadowlands has got it’s moments, like ET, where,  if ye were watchin’ it wi’ yer pals, somebody wid dae the ‘Hroom, Hroom, let’s talk aboot the Fitba’, tae stop everybody else blubbin’ at a certain bit. …… Time for a Herbal.

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