Ye hear aw these daft Music things aboot songs that, when ye play them backwards there’s a hidden message in them, well ,here’s a thing . Ah used tae think aw that kind of stuff was a lot of Shite, but the more ah listen tae the Beatles, ah’m thinkin’ Pigeons.¬† Love me Doo, A Doo in the life, Yesterdoo, Back in the Doo SSR, the one aboot Pigeon Shite, ‘Here, there and everywhere’ – there must be others but. after Two Prozacs, Two Amitriptylines, and quite a strong blend of Rastafarian Old Holburn¬† – It’s been that long since ah’ve seen a pouch of the stuff, ah canny even remember the correct spellin’. Was it Holborn ? – anyway, that’s that, ah’m feeling comfortably numb at this moment in time.¬† Mare the Morn. This is Captain Scud, on board the Boabby Thomson, just off Covid Island, saying good Night.

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