The cancer Diaries – 10.12.15

Lake District 1972

Baby faced Davy and wee fat Bastard

That’s the chemo done for this week – just one more round at the end of the month and , hopefully that will be that. No more doubling up in pain when I pee [ the week after the chemo ] – it’s always the week after that I feel like shite – but they did tell me that. Still, when all’s said and done I’m very happy to still be on the planet almost Four months after being told I had a Fifty/ Fifty chance of surviving the cancer that I’d been diagnosed with. Even happier, and luckier, to be here¬†after surviving a heart attack that almost killed me. So, I can look forward, in the new year, to my hair growing back and getting back to decent health. Still chuffed with my ‘no to fags’ life but I really do miss rolling and smoking a joint – but I’d rather not have another heart attack, so that will always be out of bounds until a doctor tells me I can smoke again.

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