The cancer diaries -3,12,15.

It’s now Eight months since I moved into the flat and it’s been an eventful time. The first month was awfy – the flat was frozen and I wondered if it was worth the hassle. I’m very lucky to have a great family and friends and they all rallied round and helped to get me settled. From April onwards I just felt ill – Bordeaux was great but my health wasn’t and I was struggling during the trip. June, July and August seemed to be taken up with hospital visits – CT scans, Biopsy’s [ bone and tissue ] and blood tests. Finding out I had Lymphoma in late August and a 50/50 chance of survival put a dampener on things and chemo therapy and hair loss wasn’t what I’d been hoping for. October wasn’t much better – on the same day that I found out that at some point in the past I’d had a stroke and that part of my brain was dead, I had a near fatal heart attack. Twice during the attack I almost died- so I’m very lucky and grateful to be alive. If I survive till Hogmanay [when the chemo hopefully ends ] I’ll have some nice red wine and a Glayva .

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