The cancer diaries -15,3,16

Got awfy drunk on Saturday and I don’t know why – half a bottle of Glayva and Two bottles of wine hardly constitutes a binge – but I still managed to wake up on Sunday to discover I’d gone to bed without my Heart attack pyjamas and crashed into my Rubber plant which was lying in bits on the floor. I think alcohol free is the way to go from now on. I’ve stopped smoking and feel quite pleased with myself so not drinking should be a breeze. I really miss a joint, though, and still have a Rastafarian Assam tea- maybe more often than I should. I have the Heart attack monitor people on Thursday and the following week I see the Cancer specialist to find out if what they discovered with the CT scan was scar tissue or more cancer. I have lost a scary amount of teeth since the Chemo. I had a plate with Two falsies on it – now it feels like a dinner set from Downton F–king Abbey. Still – what are you going to choose, Teeth or life ?. Was a wee bit disappointed at the result on Sunday. It was the First time in Thirty years that I’d been to Hampden for a cup final. Strangely, you can get through the turnstiles at Hampden with a scalding cup of Coffee but not a cheeseburger.

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  1. Lucille says:

    Scud ive been so moved with your thoughts and feelings/memories your one strong guy that shows what you’ve been going through but you will get ther….you’ve been rock bottom now its time too start climbing your strong minded and all the will power you need and major support from all who know you friends and family. Your photo’s are breath taken keep up the strength to share your inner feelings and thoughts through this diary . Very proud of you.

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