The cancer Diaries -13.10.15

401 (2)I’m sitting here waiting for the ‘Cancer money’ people to assess my health but I think I’ve missed them. I’ve been awake since 8.45 am – and there’s no ‘sorry we missed you’ card at the door -I’ll have to sit in until after Five now to see if they turn up. The upside of that is that I’m able to listen to ‘ Both Sides’ by ‘Horse’. It’s a great live CD and Horse McDonald has a fantastic voice. I remember years ago hearing a song called ‘Careful’ but I never caught who sang it. Then, one day, talking to Davy about music it cropped up that he’d liked ‘Horse’ for ages – I think he had a CD of her when she was called Foal and he had the CD that had ‘Careful’ on it. The live CD is awfy good – she has a beautiful, haunting singing voice, at times, and why she isn’t one of Scotlands most famous singers is beyond me. You get bombarded by Telly and Newspapers telling you about who’s in Opportunity Knocks, or whatever the F–k they call these shows. ‘C–t’s on the Telly that’s what I call them, but they don’t seem to want to talk about real talent. I would recommend the CD to anyone. I’ve certainly enjoyed listening to my music these past few days. I never really watch the Telly much- ‘Family Guy’ and Question Time- that’s about it.——– Good news- the cancer money people are coming on Thursday between 9am and 11am. I’ve also to phone up work for some daft form regarding the change from sick pay to sick pay with a mask on. Anyway it’s been a nice wee day, listening to music. I managed to get all my favourites, or most of them, onto my computer and I either put on something I fancy or a compilation of my favourites – which could include The Grateful Dead, Santana, Barbra Streisand, Debussy, Led Zeppelin, Blue Oyster Cult, Artie Shaw, Veronique Gens singing songs from the Auvergne or Bob Dylan and Stevie Wonder. I’ve not got Peter Sarstedt singing ‘Where do you go to my lovely’,or Bob Lind singing ‘Elusive Butterfly’ or the soundtrack for steel Magnolias-but, I’ll get there. I am a bit scunnered about not being able to go a nice walk and enjoy the sights and sounds of Autumn. The last few weeks have been glorious – in fact, when I think about it, September was glorious as well- and it has been, overall, a wonderful late summer and early Autumn. FORTH BRIDGE

Lake District 1972

Baby faced Davy and wee fat Bastard

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