The cancer Diaries -25.11.15

264547_151119898393021_690731252_n - CopyHad a shit week so far. I don’t know if it’s the chemo or the other medication I’m on but I’ve been in quite a bit of pain – on Sunday night I felt as if my body was under siege- my arms, legs and chest were so sore I could only think ‘heart attack’ and never slept.  On Monday I had the heart rehab place to go to at St Jocks and my heart is recovering well. The Doctors seem to be quite happy with everything – my heart, my chemo – but my Arteries are like a road to the seaside on a bank holiday heatwave and I might need another procedure to sort out the blood flow to my right eye. It’s funny but I don’t worry about the cancer – it’s the Artery situation that keeps me awake at night. Every pain that I get  in my arms, legs, chest or neck and I think ‘is that a clogged Artery, am I a couple of heartbeats away from a stroke’?. I wouldn’t want that – not knowing when I’ve shit myself and having some poor bastard clean it up. I hope that when I die it’ll be quick.

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  1. christine brown says:

    Always look on the bright side of life!! You’ve survived against the odds! You have too much time on your hands and are dwelling on what could happen – find new things to do, get out and walk everyday – choose live!!! Lotsa love, Chris xx

  2. christine brown says:

    I love the photo of Davie and you – we were really poor then and Davie loved being Batman – not as much as Michael Armit – he jumped out the bedroom room and broke various bones. Keep the mad flag flying – think of the 130 people who were slaughtered by those IS fuckers in paris 2 weeks ago – vive le france and pumphy xx

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