The Cancer Diaries -26,3,16.

Last night was ‘awfy’. I was in quite a bit of pain – the lump on my neck has grown and is sore to the touch and both sides of my neck are sore -watching a live Tennis match would be an ordeal as it’s painful to look from side to side. The worst part is my underarm and chest. I can’t lie on my right side and throw in my Arthritis which has reached an all time and my numb feet and legs and I sometimes think ‘what’s the point’. It’s easy for people to say ‘stay positive’, ‘chin up’ and all that shite and they are only trying to help, but, believe me, it’s hard to stay positive when you are constantly in pain and discomfort. Roll on June Sunshine and Paris.

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2 Responses to The Cancer Diaries -26,3,16.

  1. boabby Thomson says:

    Positivity is unnatural, one dimensional, unrealistic and an example of intellectual indolence. The problem is – so is negativity. Only simpletons are blessed with unwavering positivity and only confirmed cynics or nihilists stoically adhere to constant negativity. Those of us burdened with a modicum of intelligence have the capacity to realise that, if something is shite, then its shite and should be recognised as such. That’s not negativity. That’s a realistic appraisal of ones circumstances. Do me a favour. Think about a recently deceased Dutch number 10 making a total arse of that full back……….your smiling now. Or think about Hibs winning the cup. (sorry, I’ve fucked up and drifted into some unreality universe) See you after Marrakesh. Don’t stay positive (or negative) but stay real. Boabby Thomson (no relation.)

  2. Sharon says:

    Please speak to you GP about stronger pain killers as you shouldn’t need to suffer pain like that. Thinking of you X

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