The cancer Diaries -Easter Monday 2016

It certainly feels like Springtime today -a beautiful, sunny day. It is still a bit cold and I have seen at first hand today the out and out Bawbaggery of some people in this country who go mad when the sun comes out. You sometimes see them in the shopping centre or near the Mall at crazyhill – on a January day when the sun is strong but not warm enough to be out and about in T-shirts and shorts. It was a bit like that today, people outside dressed for a beautiful day in the summer and it’s not even April yet – F–k them, I hope they get run over by a tractor. I bought Tuscan beans to add to my Corned beef hash – £1.39 for a tin of beans from the Scotmid. I’m hoping a nice dinner will pick me up a bit. I have not had any Ranitidine/Zantac for Three days. It isn’t one of the life saving tablets, like the Aspirin and Clopidogrel, but I would imagine that after being given it on prescription, it must have some importance. Anyway I’m off to listen to some Birdy – got her new CD Friday.

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