The Cancer Diaries – 28,3,16

Had a bit of a blow out on Saturday and will probably pay for it – I’m certainly suffering a bit from it. Had a few Glayvas, some Baileys a bottle of wine and some Rastafarian old Holburns. I certainly won’t be making a habit of it but I must admit smoking a joint felt good but knowing that it won’t be doing me any good is enough to not be doing it again any time soon. I did say to the Doctor that I would nip it in the bud [ no pun intended ] and that’s me till I’m killed or cured of this Cancer. My own guess is that I’m f–ked, but I’m not a Doctor, so, can’t be sure. Missing my tablets or being erratic at best with them has to stop. It’s not as if I’ve got dozens to take. Not going to bed till Eleven in the morning and not taking my night time tablets, then not getting up till half Ten at night and being half a day late with my morning tablets won’t do. I still feel a bit sore -my neck and back especially.

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  1. Carol millar says:

    Had the best laugh ever, slept all sunday to, cant do all nighters anymore must be a 50s thing x.

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