Last week was a bad yin. Five Days withoot a joint ended up wi me smashin up ma Telly. Ah’ve no’ missed it though, apart from the weather. Judith hasny been on for a while. Ah like Kawser as well. What a Beautiful lookin’ woman. Louise, on the BBC, seems to be the kind of Woman who, if she was playin’ Hockey, would still be enthusiastic and bubbly if she’d lost Three team mates in a lightning storm and was losin’ 8-0. Anyway, ah’m hoping this week will be a lot better, mental Health wise. To be honest, ah think that ma mental health is OK, which is probably a sign that it’s no’. Ah canny handle no’ havin’ a joint. Ye widny believe the misery and despair ah lived wi’ last Week. Ah never knew that kind of grief when Auld Scud and Bunty died. That, in itself, is probably quite telling. Ah’m smokin’ a wee Herbal at the moment and ye widny believe the amount of times ah’ve had tae light the C–t. They’re putting something in the weed or the Fags so that ye have tae keep lightin up. it’s the same Wi Cadbury’s Chocolate, it’s Shite, noo. Since that American company bought it. the Chocolates just awfy. The C–ts deserve Trump if they’re happy wi’ that Chocolate. So, gettin’ back to where ah was, it’s like life’s great when there’s Bob Hope in it and it’s just F–kin awfy when Bobs on Holiday.Ah think to masel, sometimes ‘Fuck sake, min, ye’ve been at Deaths door wi the Cancer and the Heart attack and yer continuin’ in yer quest tae self destruct by gettin’ aw wound up because ye canny get something to smoke, which is the thing that put me in ma unhealthy state in the First place.

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