The Pumphy Voice.

The Covid’s F–ked everything. Pumpherstons very own Porn star couple, Monty Fuck and Fanny Sayer have been side lined since the beginning of Lockdown and are itching to get back to work. Fanny is still itching after her last ‘Road Trip’ to Fawhoo and Blackburn, but she’s getting Tablets for it. The couple, Famous for Blockbusters like ‘Fannyator and ‘Lord of the Minge’ First met while filming ‘The man who couldny act but had a cock like a Horse and his Wife, behind the Chippy bein’ watched by Half a Dozen strangers’. Their careers blossomed and they were soon rubbing shoulders [ and other bits as well, probably] with all the Titeratti of the business. Their next Trio of films are to based on Billy Wilder classics. Stalag 69, Bumset Boulevard and Double something or other, it wasny Indemnity, anyway,. these and more of the couples films can be seen at the Pumphy Multiplex thing. Obviously it’s closed for the Covid, but an announcement will be made soon about a possible re opening date………………………….. The continuing feud between the PLO[ Pumpherston Liberation Organisation] and the PLA [ Pumpherston Liberation Army] hit an all time low last week when, like something out of an Eastenders storyline, it was revealed that PLO leader, Boabby Thomson, is, in fact, the twin Brother of PLA leader, Boabby Thomson. Apparently when they were wee, their Father, Boabby, had a falling out over the Twins. There had been away back on Boabby’s  wife, Boabina’s side,  an English Thompson. Thomsons in Scotland are a bit like Edith’s in France-  they take a piaf.  On the same day as the shock news was announced, PLO Boabby’s Twin lassies, Boabina and Bobette got  into an altercation with PLA  Boabby’s Twin lassies, Boabarella and Boabushka. Seventeen passers by, who probably wished, later, that they’d stayed home, ended up in St Johns..

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