Jesus Christ.

  1. On Friday the Eleventh ah had nae fags. On the Saturday, Chris sent me £50 life raft money and ah went tae the Cash machine expectin’ £51.17p and, by Fuck did ah get a shock. There was a wee bit more than that comin’ up on the balance- so much so that ah had tae go tae the Bank tae ask if there had been a mistake. There hadny been a mistake and ah thought ‘ya beauty’. So ah treated masel tae a few things. Spendin’ some money was a good thing. Scotland drew wi’ England last night and it was a great performance. Had a great wee ‘Broons’ day yesterday- Linda was up fae Hawick, Chris was through fae Edinburgh and Dave gand I met up wi’ them ootside the Cemetery at Mid Calder. Oor brother, Andrew, wid’ve been Seventy and we were there tae celebrate his short wee life . We had something to eat at the Black Bull. A guid day.
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