More cancer Diaries – 16,2,16

I must admit to being well pissed off when I discovered a new lump on my neck just weeks after finishing my chemo. I wondered if there was going to be an end to all this ill health that I’ve had over the last couple of years. Fortunately Dr Hale reassured me about the lump and said a lot of what I was feeling at the moment was a reaction to all that’s gone before over the last Six months – ie, an aggressive form of blood cancer, being given a 50/50 chance of surviving it, being told that a part of my brain had died due to a stroke I never knew I’d had, a massive heart attack that almost killed me, finding out that 60% of my vascular system is beyond help, being told that 75% of the arteries that supply the blood to my brain are blocked and can’t be sorted – and being paid off from work due to ongoing ill health – so, I suppose it’s not surprising that I have moments of melancholy and negative thinking. On the positive side, I am Two stones heavier than I was this time last year – the pay off from my work will allow me to go to Paris and Bordeaux with Davy in June and Springtime is not far off. Hibs are in the unusual position of being contenders for a treble of promotion and Two cup finals and at the end of this month I’ll get my first glimpse of the Cuillins and Ullapool in winter. So, things could be a lot worse. Hopefully the visit to the specialist next week will put the Cancer into the memory box.013 (3)

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2 Responses to More cancer Diaries – 16,2,16

  1. Major General Sir Venerial Smith/Smythe. (Retd.) says:

    Typical of the modern day malingering, benefit scrounging, subsidy junkie Jock. I didn’t fight and die in the war for the likes of you to go swanning off to Paris and some unpronounceable place in Jockland while I have to struggle by with only half of Norfolk to hunt in and now I’m not even allowed to shoot immigrants. It’s political correctness gone mad. From (disgusted, Sodomy-in-the-Hole, Norfolk.)

  2. boabby Thomson says:

    Treble still on.

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