Odds and ends.

That’s me quite settled in tae the new flat, noo. Ah’m relatively content and tryin’ tae leave behind some of ma bad habits at Forth Drive, unfortunately buryin’ ma heid under the sand is a bad habit, like the fags, that ah canny shake off. Ah’m coughin’ like Fuck 70% of the time ah’m smokin’ a joint- fuckin’ mental, and logic just flies oot the windie. Anyway, ah’ve felt as if a melancholy is creepin’ in- no’ quite the Black Dug, but a worn oot deflated feelin’ that ah’m strugglin’ wi’ at the moment.. Ah’ve got that that auld place tae deal wi’- ah might just send the keys back tae them by post. Ah just want tae wash ma hands of it. Ah’ve got a Cunt of  cauld as well, and that’s just makin’ things worse. Ah was at the Scotland v Israel World Cup qualifier- that was great but ah think it’s where ah picked up ma cauld. It was worth it, though,- the atmosphere was brilliant. That Israel are a shower of cheatin’ Cunts and ah’m no’ surprised that Tutankhamen’s uncle( or whoever the Fuck it was) told them tae go forth and multiply. Ah watched an awfy disturbing thing on the Telly aboot German atrocities in Ukraine durin’ WW2. hearin’ soldiers tryin’ tae justify shootin’ Two Million Mother’s and their kids was quite chillin’ – the matter of factness was quite scary.

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