Scud Broons diaries – 21,3,16

I was up at Morrisons yesterday with Davy and Julie – I needed plasters after almost slicing the top of my Thumb off while trying to open a salt container. As we were wandering around the shop there was what looked like a couple in their Fifties with their Two Grand children. The woman was trying to hang on to the fact that she probably passed for ‘no’ bad’ about 25 years ago but her attempt to do so wasn’t very pretty. The man just looked like a Bawbag – he had a red Rangers top on and on the back of it were the words ‘Scottish by birth, British by choice’ and I thought what a F–kin’ wank. It’s bigoted ignorant C–ts like him who helped to stop us getting our Independence. As if that wasn’t enough One of the Grand kids was called Mason and I thought ‘poor wee Bastard, what chance have ye got to grow up with a mind of your own.

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