The cancer Diaries – 24,3 16

Well, I was hoping that this would be the last cancer Diary on account of me getting the all clear from St Johns today. Unfortunately I didn’t get the all clear – I suppose it could’ve been worse and I might’ve got the auld queer, but, thankfully, I was spared that. If I was being honest I wasn’t really expecting fantastic ‘let’s have a party ‘cos my cancer’s gone’ news. The pain in my under arm and neck was a bit too much to have hoped for that. The Doctor told me that they have to figure out what the best option is – it could be more Chemo therapy, some Radio therapy or some stem cell treatment [ whatever that is]. All I know is that for the next Three to Six Months I’ll have cancer to deal with.

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  1. Lucille says:

    Im so sorry Scud…..just thought id do a wee catch up with your diary, no way did i exspect to read what i did….total lost for words knocked the wind out me and im sure its done the same to all that know you. A small hurdle that you will stradle to clear but i know you can do it, so two fingers up to the big C. XX

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