The cancer Diaries – 19,3,16

I could be coming to the end of the Cancer Diaries – on Thursday I’ll find out if I’ve got the all clear. Then again, if I do get good news on the cancer side, I’ll still have all this diseased Vascular system to contend with. They told me at the Hospital on Thursday past that I might need another stent – in my leg this time, to keep the Two I already have company. Mind you, last night I survived an hour and a half of Country music on the Telly. I knew Crystal Gayle was going to be on the programme, and Leanne Rimes, singing ‘How do I live’, but, by F–k, it was an ordeal listening to most of it. By the end of it I felt like jumping oot the windie – not before writing a depressing song about it. Had a bit of a panic on yesterday and today when I discovered I was seriously short on Heart Medicine. Got what I thought was all of it yesterday but noticed when I got home I’d not got One of the important Ones. Got sorted today, though.

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