The cancer Diaries – 19.11.15

Finished my Third and last round of chemo for the week and that’ll be that until the Seventh of December. Had a wee spell of beating the constipation but the chemo seems to have won out – I was as regular as an African¬†Humanitarian¬†crisis but lately I’ve been lacking in Bowel movements to the point where it’s become a bit worrying. Chris told me I could apply for a hardship type allowance to help with my heating bill and I told her that I’d rather apply for a ‘Hard shit’ allowance. On the bright side the Doctors are happy with the way things are going and I am responding well to the treatment- Six more rounds of chemo and hopefully I’ll see some light at the end of the tunnel. I must admit that another heart attack is more of a worry than the Cancer – as I always say these days, Cancer’s not instant whereas a heart attack could kill in a second, which in itself is a great way to go but to have time to think about taking a second to die can be a bit scary- best not to think about it, I suppose, would be the road to go down with that one.¬† That’s over a month now without a roll up or any tobacco whatsoever – which is quite an achievement for me – it’s a pity it’s taken a heart attack to manage it. I miss a joint, though. I’d rather breathe and have a heartbeat than a roll up.

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