The cancer Diaries – 5.11.15.

Health wise everything seems to be fine at the moment – although every wee twinge or pain in my arm or chest makes me think the worst- especially at night. I’m still very tired, though, and feel as though I could sleep forever. Two great results for Hibs over the last few days have been a huge tonic- wins over Rangers in the league and Dundee Utd in the league cup have put the auld Hi bees in a nice place and well done, Stubbsy and the players for keeping the sunshine on Leith. On the downside, I noticed that ‘Britain First’ Nationalist party are using a photo of the murdered soldier Lee Rigby to promote themselves. Over Seventy years ago my Auld man’s generation ended up in a war to keep Nazi-ism and Fascists out of Britain and here we are now allowing them to spout their nonsense- I suppose in a free country you have to allow for ignorant, brain dead bigots and hope that common sense and education will win out in the end. I canny be bothered with all that ‘Help our Heroes’ shite – making martyrs out of British soldiers who die in Iraq, or Afghanistan, or wherever the f–k Britain and the yanks have got a vested interest. It’s as if the Armed forces are to be put on a pedestal and given this God-like status. Thankfully it’s only the brain deid ignorant f–kers among us who put them up on a pedestal because the ‘Sun’ and Daily F–kin’ Record tell them to. I’ll willingly donate and buy a Poppy every year- and I will till I die- in remembrance of the soldiers who died in the Two world wars- not for a soldier who joined the army and was killed in Iraq or Afghanistan or somewhere else that has economic or strategic value to the west.

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