The cancer Diaries -6.11.15

What an awfy, awfy day. I was at the hospital at 11 this morning to give my blood and it was the usual ‘Hunt for Red October’ as the nurses tried to find a pulse and take a blood pressure reading. I was also given my new chemo therapy timetable which will now finish on Dec. 23rd. I then had to go to the hospital dentist to have Two teeth pulled- one which was very loose and the other which was very painful. It had been causing me a bit of discomfort and I couldn’t get into the dentist chair quick enough. I wish now I’d missed the appointment. The loose tooth was a dawdle but the sore one was a nightmare- I’ve never been in as much pain after a tooth out- Six strong painkillers, an ice pack, a hot water bottle on the side of my face, a blinding head ache and Thirteen hours later and it’s just become bearable- what’s making it worse is that every time I swallow it’s really painful. So, all in all, a shite day and I hope that one morning in the not too distant future I can wake up feeling well, healthy and happy.

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  1. maggie says:

    Love n hugs as always bud.keep up the banter bud it, s

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