The cancer/ Heart Attack diaries – 31.10.15

168Jesus Chris, what a week that was- I think I’ll need a darkened room or another heart attack to get away from everyone. I canny remember now if it was Monday or Tuesday I got out of Hospital – I’ve never had a minute to myself since. Don’t get me wrong- The support from everyone has been wonderful and fantastic [ like a Dolly Parton Bra ] but between friends and family visiting and the Hospital and officialdom phoning – it’s been non stop and I need a rest. I have the cold constantly and for a Fifteen minute spell today every time I blew my nose there was a scary amount of blood on the bog roll – it’s to do with the blood thinning tablets I’ve to take – but it can be a tad disconcerting, nevertheless to see blood and snotters. This spell check thing I’ve got doesn’t recognise ‘ snotters’ – and there’s a wee squiggly line under it – f–k it, though, it’s a guid Scot’s word. The chemo hair is here big time – it’s awfy thin – Boo Radley hair as I call it- and the combination of cancer and the Heart attack has played havoc with my appearance – not that it was anything special before all this shite kicked off – but, now I just look ill.  Hopefully, through time things will improve. I will obviously have good and bad days and I think this day was a bad day.

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  1. christine brown says:

    colin, you’re on a very strange journey at the moment, nothing you can share with most people. You have support, love and Hibs to help you through this ordeal. Just keep focused on next spring and a wonderful holiday in the south of france – you know it makes sense!! Lotsa love, Chris

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